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PPC or Nothing! Or So I Thought...

Marisa Fox | May 18, 2011

What a difference a year can make. Having spent 2004 through May 2010 working for an online yellow pages company and then a PPC agency, I was convinced that online marketing was so much more important, effective and efficient than traditional marketing. And PPC, well that was the ultimate marketing channel. You should maximize your budget there first, and if you have any leftover budget, then consider spending money on SEO or traditional marketing channels. How could I not feel that way? I had a front row seat for the “SEO isn’t rocket science” debate.

I did realize that analyzing PPC performance in a silo was not the best idea (or accurate), and I communicated that to my clients often. When PPC performance trended downwards, it typically was due to something outside of the PPC world, and as much as I wanted to take credit for all the huge increases in my clients’ PPC performance, sometimes being mentioned on Oprah might have had more to do with it than my amazing optimization skills.

Being part of the Creative Link team over the past year has opened my eyes to how important traditional marketing can be to make online marketing successful. I feel the more I discuss online marketing with the Creative Link team, the more I talk to clients about the importance of traditional marketing channels in their integrated marketing plan.

We do live in an online world – people are on their phones and laptops 24/7. But we do look at the real world around us from time to time. The traditional marketing channels can spark interest and drive us to visit websites and social media profiles. I love that Creative Link strives to find the best solution for our clients – across any and all marketing channels. My previous experience working for a 1-channel agency was more “PPC! PPC! PPC! It’s PPC or nothing!”

Creative Link’s approach is completely different – solution-focused, client focused. We’re not worried a client is going to cut budget from one channel to spend on another channel. We want our clients to be successful and recommend the best marketing channels to make that happen.